oy and her cat once entered a contest for cats and because she wanted to be sure she'd win, Earl stole the prize winning kitty that would probably win the contest and took it to an old, constantly sleeping cat lady's place. Now, he wants to make up for stealing the feline and when he goes to previous owner Judy to tell her what he did, Randy falls in love with her. The fact that Randy hates cats and is allergic to them doesn't help though and neither does Randy's habit to pretend to be someone he's not in order to be appreciated by a girl he likes. Meanwhile, Earl gets the cat back and gives it to Judy. When Randy finally tells Judy he hates cats she decides to get rid of the cat. Everybody is happy now and Earl is ready to cross this misstep off his list until Darnell tells him the feline doesn't look very happy. According to Darnell, the former prize winner doesn't like being a fat cat instead of a beautiful champ. Earl decides he can't cross 'larceny of a cat' off his list until the cat's happy as well, which means it has to win the contest. And since Judy doesn't own her anymore, Earl has to get the feline into shape for the contest himself.

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