esse finds himself in the hands of the seven Christian zealots lead by father Matthew and 'captain' Graham, including Nick, who claim only Jesse can help their covenant prevent the Apocalypse starting in Point Pleasant by killing the Antichrist, Christina. Gentle Jesse seems to agree, but runs and knocks them all down without killing anyone, then gets Terry to give him the keys of his dad's car and promise to tell nobody he's going to hide in the Burkes hunting cabin. However Christina was hiding in the backseat, takes control over the car supernaturally but obeys his command to stop. While worrying, police chief Logan investigates mysterious disappearances of harmless people, who seem linked only by the parish confessional. Meg visits old David Burke and convinces him his destiny is to brave his disease as 'perfect soldier'. Terry finds his dad risen from bed and gone; Ben discovering this decides him to have Meg committed to psych ward, despite but fearing for Judy. Meanwhile, Amber tries to separate Paula from Terry after catching them in bed 'as long as he works for Boyd', which only drives the kids in each-others arms, next Lucas warns Terry everything good that happened to him in Boyd's service can be taken away from him, even Paula, unless he tells the boss where Jesse is. Elsewhere, Lucas gets to the duo in time for their confrontation with the seven zealots, and when a fight ensues makes arrows hit both Nick -he'll stamp the boy dead afterward- and Jesse, whose fatal wound heals magically later when he pulls the arrow out in startled Christina's presence once they have escaped to a motel, while Lucas remains with the six survivors. Christina makes love to Jesse, but just that triggers in him a vivid vision of her as apocalyptic Antichrist, convincing him to drive away from her.

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