ow Jesse has abandoned her, Christina turns to Boyd, who claims to be the last one who wants to save her life. Shattered now his father is gone, and fearing he's dead by now, Terry tells Boyd their deal is off, but is ordered to stay and do his part. Amber's intervention isn't Lucas's fault and who else can the kid turn to? Meanwhile, Jesse has turned to the Believers, promising to do their work that night, after seeing some people, he goes to stepfather Logan, who can't get any answers about the epidemic of disappearances, now including Jesse's. Father Matthews who invokes the absolute secret of confession, but accepts not to confront Boyd, instead Jesse will asks Terry, who refuses him entry, assuring Sarah isn't there, admits he betrayed the cabin to Boyd, but noble Jesse refuses to 'punish' his guilty mate and leaves. Christina's powers increase, making plants wilt in her presence, but then her long-searched mother Ann Gibson turns up and takes her to a cabin where she tells her how Kingston seduced her, but an invisible diabolic beast raped her. One of the believers, Boyd's driver, shoots him, but diabolic resurrection and healing take less then a minute, he arrives in time to stop Anne inviting to prayer. Here Annie admits to Boyd and Christine that since childbirth her only desire is to kill the Antichrist.... Christine! Jesse returns to the believers, is blessed by father Matthews, while Graham doubts if he's ready, and to his surprise gets the weapon from his own mother Sara he never suspected to be one on them. Elsewhere, Paula fails to make Amber help find Terry's father, but she does buy Meg's release from Dr. Evett's psychiatry. Ben is convinced her return is wrong, but then hellish hurricane Christina (now fully consumed by evil) bursts into the house unstoppable.

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