eeling betrayed by everyone, Christina finally embraces her dark side as the Antichrist and angrily confronts the Kramers at their home and holds them hostage, torturing them with physical and mental mind games, and to await Jesse's arrival while Boyd also arrives to make an impression. Meanwhile, Logan gets a lead on the missing townspeople whom are being held by Graham, Father Matthew, Anne and the Believers covenant at St. Martin's church where they are to be part of a ritual sacrifice, Sarah included, to give Jesse the power of invulnerability to kill Christina. Also, Terry tries to convince Amber and Paula to leave Point Pleasant after learning from Holly about the impending apocalypse. But in the final confrontation, Logan inadvertently ruins everything, and Christina finally abandons her moral soul in which she conjures up all the darkest magics to destroy the forces of good and the town of Point Pleasant, once and for all...

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