ucas tells Kingston Nickson, the businessman Christina believes to be her father, his part is finished now she's in the town prophesied to be the starting point of unseen evil, her real father shall see to it and her, regardless of her mother's good genes. Christina doesn't believe charming young priest Father Tomas tells her everything about her grandfather Frank who worked in the church till he disappeared in the year of her birth, and gets popular hunk Jesse, who already has the hots for her and knows the way as his mother does the parish administration, to help her break in. However the older Father David, who tried to make Tomas, who shows him the intertwined 666-symbol she drew, believe his predecessor father Jensen's prophetic writings are missing nonsense, digs the bundle up in church himself and brings it to Dr. Ben Kramer's yacht at the annual heritage week costumed boat parade, but black faith sees it turns out to become his floating funeral pyre. Meanwhile Lucas moves into a grand villa and is an instant hit with the doctor's and jealous sheriff's wives; Paula strips 'for diagnosis' in Ben's office and threatens to concoct a story about a bruise when he refuses to get intimate...

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