oyd keeps working on Amber to make her his accomplice in 'buying the town' and uses his mind-power to make the traffic lights cause Judi having a non-fatal accident, hit by rich prick Preston Hodges who intends to sue Dr. Ben Kramer for his own minor injury, planting enough hatred in Ben's soul to attack him, the light-tower and Christina stop him just before he hits badly. Mother Kramer has irresistible urges to tell her guide tour audience the gruesome historical truth, even about syphilis, and asks her husband sheriff Logan finally to forget her infidelity twenty years ago. Christina's 'dad' tells her she has to become adult, without him, and may not resist her fate. Father Tomas is too frightened now he senses evil so close to stand Christina's presence when she tells him in church she thinks Lucas's arrival started the events including the priest killing, but gets over it later and insists her touch made him feel enough love to resist his own parish heritage which dictates to destroy her in the upcoming fight against darkness, her origin. Jesse is restless, Christina makes him doubt whether his future is in Point Pleasant or they are destined for better.

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