oyd offers to help Amber coordinate a church fund-raising dance marathon in the hopes of sweeping Sarah off her feet and putting some of his past demons to rest. Frequent flashbacks show Boyd, un-aged back in 1934 at a similar dance marathon with his girlfriend, Holly, whom he murdered after finding she was cheating on him. Meanwhile, Meg and Amber's friendship puts Ben on edge as he tries to keep them apart knowing Amber is using Meg to get closer to him. Back at the dance, Boyd and his sinister assistant, Wes, cause more turmoil as they set up the participants against each other by paring Judy with geekish Mark Owens, Christina with Terry, and Jesse with Paula. Judy sees Christina in a new light as her mystic powers begin to surface when Paula continues to be the object of Christina's fury. As a result, Christina's anger turns the dance into a literal bloodbath and brings it to a crashing halt.

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