mber tries to break up Ben and Meg by suggestion. Sheriff Logan Parker knocks a man down just for offering to settle a minor car collision without even exchanging insurance papers as legally required; when Sarah finds out, she tells Lucas, worrying her husband still doubts her fidelity, next the commissioner suspends sheriff Logan after a tip, which he soon finds out to be Sarah's while rudely refusing father Thomas's marriage counseling on her request, yet they make up. When Christina confesses her evil tendencies to father Thomas, he insists they must find her mother An Gibson, the key to her good, human side and finds Dr. Beverly Kendrick, who ran the halfway house where unmarried mothers like An went; a dead-end, but when she confronts the doc she admits having delivered Christina and given her to the men who 'overprotected' An, then jumps to her death. Lucas orders Amber to keep buying all local real estate despite the high prices, then plays on Terry's poor boy jealousy and dad Burke's expensive medical condition. Judy convinces Jesse Christina's arrival started to make everything go bad; they follow Christina into Kendrick's hospital's records basement. David Burke speaks up for the first time in years, to tell Terry he needs a son who isn't a coward but helps him die- by killing dad, later apologizes, he wants to set both free from his hopeless disease; Terry believes it's Lucas's doing and accepts to do anything for restoring pa's health. Jesse confronts his parents, furious after reading his birth certificate at the hospital- strict dad Logan isn't his real father.

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