ather Tomas's funeral allows ma Parker to get back in touch with Jesse, who is the only one capable of stopping Christina from making the celebrating father Matthew work up a rage against 'cruel God' and wonders who Boyd is, who smugly addressed her after the service. Ben discovers Amber has intruded his surgery, makes her confess she took and watched his secret tape and explains it keeps reappearing, however often he destroyed it since Isabelle's death. Terry asks amused Boyd if he may 'do more', hinting at his pa's criminal past and wanting to learn from a master, Paula cruelly toys with his heart. When Wes reports Holly is found in Atlantic City, Boyd goes kill her junkie roomy and takes her home, but she's hardly grateful. Judy scorns her worried ex Mark Owens. Christina asking God what must happen, maybe her death, resurrects the burned father David's corps as a murderous zombie, who appears trying to burn in a barn Christina, who is resigned it's time, but Jesse turns up, saves her and kills the zombie, making her wonder if they really were born to help each-other...

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