n 1986, we are introduced to six friends after they graduate from high school in an upstate New York town. Carla Noll is in love with her best friend Aaron Lewis, but who is in love with Jenna Moretti a fame-seeking starlet, who does not return Aaron's affections. Craig Brewster and Will Malloy are best friends despite their backgrounds (Will comes from a poor family and Craig from a wealthy family). After the graduation ceremony, Craig and Will get into a car accident when they collide with a pickup truck while driving drunk. Craig begs Will to take the rap for the drunk driving accident because it will hurt Craig's chances of getting into Brown University since Will is not going to college. Will, out of blind loyalty to his best friend, does... and he soon regrets it when the driver of the other vehicle dies and Will is charged with manslaughter. Craig's girlfriend, Samantha Carlson, confides in Carla that she is pregnant with Will's baby. But Sam keeps it a secret for she about to go to London for college, Craig's goes off to Brown, Jenna goes off to Hollywood to make it as an actress, and Will's goes off to jail. Fast forward to 2006: one of the group has been murdered, and the rest of them are all suspects when Detective Kenneth Marjorino interviews the sulking, chain-smoking Carla about their time after graduation.

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