n 1988, the competition between Craig and Will for Samantha grows, causing Will (who now works for Craig's ruthless, businessman father, Russell) to cross some ethical and legal lines. Meanwhile, Samantha has finally tracked down her baby daughter in New York. After the hostile adoptive parents warn her to stay away, she and Carla hatch a plan to keep tabs on the child by having Carla charm her way into the parents household to hire her as the baby's nanny. The appearance of Jenna's meddlesome and sexually aggressive mother threatens to overshadow her first movie premiere when she makes a pass at EVERY man there. Aaron tries to mend his broken heart by moving to Seattle. Back in 2006, Detective Marjorino's interest in the murder investigation is revealed to be more than just professional when he interviews Will, who's now a Catholic priest, where it's shown that Marjorino's father was the victim of the drunk driving accident in 1986 which Will took the rap for Craig.

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