hings get testy when the six friends gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1992. Aaron brings as his date, his co-worker Rachel, whom he doesn't realize that she has a motive for wanting to come: Craig. Jenna brings her movie-star husband and it quickly becomes apparent that the marriage is a sham. Samantha thinks something is going on between Rachel and Craig, and she wonders if she picked the right guy. Will brings his girlfriend Vanessa, his former Army buddy's sister, but is still carrying a torch for Samantha, while Russell Brewster shows up and demands that Will be thrown out, still blaming him for the collapse of the Brewster Group. Meanwhile, in the present day, Detective Marjorino's 20-year obsession for revenge against his father's killer and now the investigation of Samantha's murder is taking a toll on his marriage. Back in 1992, a young Marjorino meets his wife for the first time, and plots to murder Will.

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