Sous titres français pour la série Rome - S01E08

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53 min


Brutus gets a chilly reception from Servilia when he returns home from Greece. In Egypt, Caesar rebukes the advisers of the boy king, Ptolemy XIII, for their presumption in eliminating Pompey and demands the man who killed him. Caesar decides to intervene in the dispute between Ptolemy and his sister-wife, Cleopatra, to ensure both Rome's grain supply and his own access to Egypt's treasure. Antony, in an unusual show of prudence, advises against this with only half a legion in Alexandria and Cato and Scipio still at large in Africa. Caesar sends Vorenus and Pullo to rescue Cleopatra from house-arrest and escort her to Alexandria. Upon meeting Vorenus and Pullo, the narcissistic, opium-smoking teenage Cleopatra decides that her only hope of survival is to seduce Caesar and she compels Vorenus and Pullo to help smuggle her into the city first by unsuccessfully attempting to seduce Vorenus, but she has better luck with Pullo. Servilia's relationship with Octavia deepens beyond friendship into a passionate lesbian tryst. Caesar is besieged in Alexandra by the Egyptians loyal to Ptolemy. Back in Rome, Antony greets Brutus and Cicero on the floor of the deserted Senate and makes Cicero a promise to kill him if he ever turns against him.

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