n the series finale, following his crushing naval defeat at Actium by Agrippa's forces, Marc Antony realizes that this spells the end for him and Cleopatra. With a hardened Octavian refusing to be bullied, shamed or negotiated from his terms of taking them into custody, which will lead to public humiliation and ultimately death, there is but one choice left. Following the capture of Alexandra signaling the fall of Egypt and end of the war, Antony chooses the only honorable fate for a former Roman, and turns to his steadfast second and friend, Lucius Vorenus, for assistance. A final, desperate, duplicitous act affects Antony's demise, as Cleopatra hopes to buy time for herself and the lives of her twin children by Antony. One face-to-face meeting with Octavian proves how fruitless her efforts of seduction are, and Cleopatra joins her lover in death by suicide. Above Octavian's suspicion, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus whisk Cleopatra's eldest son, Caesarion, away from Egypt, but not without running into trouble, leaving Lucius gravely wounded. Keeping his promise to his friend, Titus takes Lucius back to Rome to the Collegium in just enough time for him to reunite and reconcile with his children before he passes away. A jubilant coronation is held for Octavian, as the spoils of war from Egypt's defeat are paraded through the streets of Rome... including the encased bodies of Antony and Cleopatra. Atia is left to contemplate the emptiness of all her ambitions achieved and the finality of Servilia's curse as her goal to achieve social high-ranking status has been done, but at the bittersweet cost of loneliness and further tension with her son's wife Livia. Stolen glances between Agrippa and Octavia hint that their romantic bond may not be broken after all. Afterwards, Pullo meets with Octavian and lies to him about killing Caesarion. Pullo then meets with the boy and strides down a street with Caesarion, whom he takes under his wing as his own son (under the alias Aeneas), who finally learns the truth about his parentage, as we take in our last glimpse of them and of ROME... finally stable and at peace.

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