fter Kim's accidental overdose, Stella is worried about her, but doesn't actually want to talk to her daughter herself. So she sends her to psychiatrist Dr Candida. Kim's initially hostile, she's got nothing to say to a shrink. But once Kim starts talking, there's no stopping her. There's certainly plenty to talk about. Kim's still gutted over her break up with Saint. She's desperate to ask for Saint's forgiveness, but how do you explain away a random infidelity with a stranger? And Sugar's giving Kim a lot to think about too. Having apparently saved Kim's life, Sugar is back in full effect and comes to stay with Kim when her boyfriend's mother's in town. But something about Sugar's story doesn't quite add up, and why has she suddenly got so much money? Sugar's got something to hide, and the sooner Kim realises what it is, the better chance she has of getting back with Saint.

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