n 52 BC, at the town Alesia in Gaul, Caesar conquers an army of 250.000 Gauls with a troupe of only 40.000 men. After 8 years of war all of Gaul is now in Roman hands. Because of this Caesar should disband his army, but instead he marches towards Rome to conquer the city. According to him Rome is ruled by corrupt aristocrats, who just enrich themselves. In Rome the senators Cato and Marcellus persuade the retired general Pompey to lead the defense of the Republic. But Pompey has only 2 legions at his disposal, compared to the 11 legions of Caesar. His strategy is to leave Rome and to lure Caesar into a trap in Greece. When Caesar and his army enter into Rome on 17 January 49 BC, the city is abandoned. For one year Caesar has to fight Pompey's Hispanic legion in the west, before he can go off to fight Pompey in the east. Caesar's plan is to surprise Pompey in Dyracchium in May 48 BC, but for the very first time he loses the battle. When he meets Pompey again, in Pharsalus in August 48 BC, Caesar's army consists of only 22.000 infantry and 1.000 cavalry against Pompey's 45.000 infantry and 6.000 cavalry. The senator Marcellus forces Pompey to start the battle immediately. Caesar quickly penetrates Pompey's strategy, and conceives a more clever counter-strategy himself. Caesar wins the battle as well as the last battle at Munda. He returns in triumph to Rome, where he becomes Dictator for life, the first Emperor of Rome. In March 44 BC he is murdered by a conspiracy of enemies.

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