ichard and Ada want to become engaged but Mr. Jarndyce advises that they wait a time before making a firm commitment. Esther's friend Caddy Jellyby excitedly tells her that she's become engaged to her dance and deportment instructor, Prince Turveydrop. Tulkinghorn makes it clear that his first loyalties are to her husband. Although Lady Dedlock professes no further interest in Nemo, Tulkinghorn senses there is more interest than she professes. Mr. Guppy's infatuation with Esther continues but she again pushes him away. Esther is saddened to hear that Mr. Woodcourt has become a naval medical officer and will soon be going to sea. Richard isn't taking his medical studies seriously and Mr. Badger thinks him ill-suited for the profession. Richard agrees and expresses an interest in the law.

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