ow they are both healed and Ella follows him around like a lovesick puppy, Malachi gets confirmation from Mephistopheles he was tricked by reverse psychology to make love with Ella so as to make her forget her anointed mission. Raphael tells Leon the only way to cure Ella from being like a normal 17 year-old schoolgirl is to kill her lover, which angels can't do, only mortals like him, using the magical dagger of Orokiah. Leon hesitates to smash her weird happiness, but after seeing Malachi publicly offer his sex-slave to 'cure' blushing virgin Tom during mass truancy he organized, decides to spike whiskey with St. John's worth to poison his powers. Thelma told now admired noble Leon she accepted the slaying which would end her existence, but out of lust for fellow-marked Maya betrays Leon's plan to Malachi, who resorts to unleashing the monstrous nephilim Sariel; then out of guilt she enters Ella's dream...

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