eacher Jo is back, but secretly turned to Malachi's sexual and satanic service. While the heroes exercise, happily back together, and wonder why Thelma betrayed them to Malachi, Leon would see the undead dead, Ella wants to spare her and finds Malachi's satanic mark on Maya and Alex is for his succubi. Malachi works on Tom, who feels neglected as Leon's room- and play-mate. Thelma is lectured by Ella, but retorts she was spelled by sex. Ella confidently attacks Malachi in the shower, but Leon's frightened instinct is right: the knife of Orokiah breaks on his bare, unwounded chest. After reading up that Malachi's power is increased feeding from his succubi, they decide veteran Ella shall deal with ghost Maya's corps, Leon must 'simply' decapitate Alex with an ax. Malachi is sexually insatiable, on top of Jo and his succubi he goes in 'sex addiction therapy' with Roxanne. The succubus-slayers should strike simultaneously, while Thelma tells the tearful truth to Maya, but.

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