ife on Meddenham estate is almost completely perverted now Malachi has turned nearly all students into his cult followers, ready for the end of the world. Ironically wicked sinner Roxanne is now the only ordinary student who resists, converting devoutly, rejecting her Satanic sex therapy patient's passes. Ella and Thelma work out Leon, who they keep caged, was tricked by Malachi like his roomie Tom, playing into their deepest desires, being his their lovers' equals; they trick him to eat tranquilizers, so Thelma can invade his dream to make him experience a horny boy's worst fear, castration, which cures him from the curse, but his heart is broken by Ella's utter lack of trust in him, so he considers their love hopeless and over. Thelma appears as an angel to Roxanne while she prays in chapel, and gets her to steal the amber stone so Ella can try to kill Malachi when he was till a baby, but the loss of Leon breaks her concentration, she fails badly wounded. Now Thelma alerts Leon, who was gently told by undead Tom to return to his love and be happy. Meanwhile Roxanne's pure heart makes her the perfect sacrifice for Malachi to start the apocalypse, which Mephistopheles, physically broken by ninefold hell, warns Leon will be disastrous, regardless which host of angels wins...

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