ephilim-huntress Ella Dee learns she's watched by seraphs, angels who only become visible just before they launch a usually deadly attack to prevent her eliminating the late Cassie's and Azazeal's nearly full-grown son Malachi. Ella decides to set a trap, which requires a virgin- instead of the sinful girls, she decides to seduce sweet schoolboy Leon Davies, whose playful humor masks his insecurity and sexual inexperience. Meanwhile Roxanne seduces priest-teacher Jez Heriot, as her private counselor, into kissing. Thelma can't turn down Azazeal's offer to see Cassie before she passes over for good, in exchange for stealing an amber jewel carved by the fallen angels for time-space-manipulation. After gaining gentle Leon's angelic confidence, ruthless Ella ties him to a tree blindfolded in his boxers, waiting for the seraph, but Thelma has discovered it's actually the nephilim Araquiel, requiring a different weapon. Azazeal still has a hidden ally..

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