s father Jez Herriot, the nephelim Remiel not only gets Ella committed to a psych ward, the board names him acting head master after David objected to violation of her rights. Jez now has the school pay for private nurse Perie, in fact another nephelim, who sees Ella is injected with an addictive drug based on hypericum or St. John's wort, till she can pass herself off as the Faerie. Gentle Leon's torments now include Roxanne's campaign to break off all contact with Ella and Thelma invading the healthy boy's horny dreams, corpses being a disgusting turn-off, yet his noble nature makes him go visit, and when turned away and being refused any information by nurse Perie sneak in as package courier, but is thrown out by security after Perie catches him. Yet Thelma taunts Leon to prepare for a friend -expelled drug dealer Max- to be ready to take them in after he has to free Ella, cross-dressing as nurse, while Thelma steals the staff-weapon back from Jez to deal with the nephilim-nurse. Max's experience proves very useful to help Leon during Ella's withdrawal symptoms.

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