hen Anna bumps into - literally - wealthy American lawyer Richard, she becomes convinced they're fated to be together. In a delusional whirl, she stops at nothing to get this man (and the lifestyle) that she's after. And if it means breaching the 'strictly no guest/staff relationships' rule, well, Anna's always felt rules were meant to be broken. With General Manager Rebecca on her back, only the quick thinking of fellow receptionist Ben keeps Anna's indiscretions under wraps. Charlie is happy to let beautiful female guest Alice massage his bruised ego after colleague and love interest Jackie goes off on a date. Alice turns out not to be all that she seems, robbing her date and making off with Pete. When the date is found drugged in his room the next day, Charlie realises he's had a narrow escape, and that he should value Jackie more. Meanwhile, James and Gino bicker over the treatment of a couple who won a stay at Hotel Babylon in a competition. Rebecca confronts Pete over Alice, but he replies by suggesting she might be surprised by the background of some of her staff. Fortunately for Charlie, she's distracted by a visit from her husband Mark.

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