iled and suddenly untrusting, she not only interviews all of the staff, but also calls in an auditor - much to the distress of Gino and Jackie, whose stocktake figures are complete fantasy. Meanwhile, Anna is leading a teenage virtuoso violinist into naughtiness. Derek the doorman manages to persuade Rebecca, via Charlie to interview his wayward son for a job at the hotel. The lad is rubbish, though. About to break the bad news to Derek, Charlie realises the awful truth from something the dooorman says - Derek must be the hotel thief. Rebecca must maintain her professional stance and hand Derek his P45. The anguish doesn't end there, despite Tony's good work in heading-off ball-crunching auditor Ms Merchant with some well-placed bribes. A disgruntled hotel guest surprises everyone by revealing himself to be a hotel inspector - and issuing a damning threat!

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