he surprise arrival of the hotel chain's European Director Adrian unsettles the staff further. Only Rebecca knows he's there for more than purely business reasons - the two of them had a fling a few months before. Adrian proves to be only the start of their worries: a star witness, Mr Wiltshire, is being housed at the hotel during the course of an infamous gangland trial. Tony is nervous about the risk to staff and Charlie has the unenviable task of looking after the guest. Whilst Tony attempts to forment a mutiny amongst the staff, Rebecca finds herself being wooed by Adrian with an offer of promotion abroad - and a new life with him. Meanwhile, Charlie builds up a rapport with Mr Wiltshire, and realised that he's come to the hotel just to die away from prison. Rebecca is put on the spot when her husband arrives for a surprise anniversary dinner organised by the staff. Forced to choose between her career and her marriage, she hesitates. But before she can make up her mind, gunshots ring out from the ninth floor - where Charlie is trying to protect Mr Wiltshire!

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