ill and Harvey are about to be picked up by Ted's backed agents to inform on Jimmy, but Jimmy has made a deal with Bill for his silence, which includes a one-way trip to Vera Cruz. Roger Deakins, about to be replaced by Mary, is trying to wield his power over her while still in his office by demanding to be involved in all transactions with Jimmy. Jimmy refuses to this. But Ted provides Deakins with some information about what he assumes is the certain permanent silencing of Bill, which would look bad for Mary, in return for support for taking Deakins' job when Deakins himself decides it's time to go. Mike, out of prison, is back working at the club, wanting to show others that he's back in the family business in a big way, much to Jimmy and Ronnie's consternation. Mary's soon to be ex-husband Adam is demanding to know what's going on in her life, she telling him nothing. Jimmy and Francine have a continuing battle over custody of Stella. With Mary and Jimmy, he provides her with some information about Chinese gangs and a mole in her office by the name of Lee Ching. In return, Jimmy wants her assistance in his custody issues with Francine. At the end of the day, both Mary and Jimmy have problems stemming from two deaths. First, Bill is found murdered in Vera Cruz, neither side taking responsibility for it. And second, Colin, Jimmy's recently retired supplier, is shot in his driveway by who Jimmy suspects is biker gangs trying to take over his Vancouver Island territory.

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