immy and Mary are each facing major crises, both surrounding one individual, Dick Royden. Jimmy risks being exposed as part of OCU's intel network, but he doesn't know by who. Mary refuses to tell Jimmy who it is. If Jimmy goes down because of it, his entire team goes down with him. He calls upon his inner circle, specifically Desjardins and Coombs, to find out who, and will pay any cost for the information and the ultimate disposal of that person. He also stashes a major amount of cash just as a precautionary measure. While his inner circle deals with this issue, Jimmy decides to take Francine and Stella to Seattle on a family vacation, unbeknownst to him that the Seattle meet is a sting against him. During Jimmy's absence, Sweet learns that Dante does think that Jimmy was at least partly responsible for Nick's death. Although he knows that this is not what Jimmy would want, Ronnie wants Phan to take out Dante to get rid of those tensions. Mary needs support from Ottawa to expose Royden as a mole, something hard for her to come by, this before he becomes head of CSIS Asia-Pacific. Mary's team discovers that Royden has the OCU intel network list, and it's just a matter of time when he places the names on the list to the actual people, including Katarina. This not only means that the entire network risks being exposed, but that Mary will lose her job and cannot offer any protection to the network. Royden has a particular interest in Randy Bingham. Mary warns her intel network of the situation and tells them to "disappear" at least for a little while. Ultimately Ottawa relieves Mary of her duties in the Royden investigation. Mary decides to take desperate, drastic measures: let it slip through the back door to the US authorities that Royden's cover is exposed. Forrest, who ends up being the informant, finds out that Royden is only one of several agents the US has undercover in Canada. Jimmy's team discovers Royden's name just as Mary obtains direct evidence to arrest Royden on spying. Before they can arrest him, Mary and Kiniski, along with Katarina, discover Royden's dead body, Katarina who admits she was going to kill him but that "someone beat her to it". Meanwhile in Seattle, Jimmy, who is at the meet with Morgan, realizes that the meet is a sting operation although the DEA doesn't yet know that he knows. Holed up in bathroom, Jimmy calls Francine and Stella to say his tearful goodbyes before what he sees as his ultimate demise.

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