sing an outside long-time contact, Mary tries to set-up a comprehensive wire tap on suspected mole, Lee Ching. Both Mary and Jimmy are respectively expanding networks outside of their organizations. Mary recruits Singh, a money launderer, with threats of jail time if he doesn't cooperate and become an informer. And Mary's recruitment of Tina is thus far proving to be useful, Tina who has successfully infiltrated the club. It helps that Jimmy has a thing for Tina. Jimmy is closer to setting up his ATM network as a front for laundering money. He also sets up a new partnership with a Vietnamese gang - a new marijuana grow-op and supply situation. Meanwhile, Deakins and Ted continue their alliance against Mary. They decide to enlist the help of a contact in the US DEA, who they explicitly tell their objective of discrediting Mary and stop her attempt to take Deakins job. Their plan is to entrap Jimmy in an illegal operation. This would be all the better is Jimmy is arrested in the States. On the domestic front for Jimmy, Francine visits her lawyer in the continued custody battle for Stella. Francine wants to show Jimmy that she's not going to be a push-over, but also doesn't want Jimmy out of hers and Stella's lives. Mike, who successfully completed his drug run for the biker's, is continuing to cause problems for Jimmy and Ronnie with his deceit and own substance abuse. But just as Jimmy is about to ship Mike out, Mike thwarts an attempted hit on Jimmy.

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