dward Forrest has begun his surveillance on Lee for Mary. Lee, cheating on his wife, has a mistress who wants her brother to kill Lee's wife since Lee says that he can't leave her. Mary later learns the brother is a local leader in the Asian gang, the Red Eagles. Jimmy has his ATM network in place to start his money laundering business. Jimmy decides to reward Mike, who saved his and Ronnie's life, as the money transporter for the ATMs, this against Ronnie's better judgment. Tina, Mary's new informant at the Chickadee, is getting cozy with Jimmy's banker, John Hogarty, much to Jimmy's delight, Jimmy who will now have some leverage in his banking dealings. With other business, Randy Bingham, a stock broker, approaches Jimmy with a business problem: gun shipments. Jimmy passes this information to Mary in exchange for information on the club attempted shooting. Ted and Deakins' alliance with the DEA deepen. The DEA contact man, George Williams, and Ted want to conduct a reverse sting on Jimmy, but Deakins feels he doesn't have enough time in the job for that tactic to be effective for his own purposes. He wants whatever done to ensure Mary doesn't get his job, so they look into wire-tapping Mary's apartment. However Ted plans on double dealing against Deakins and Mary, while Mary plots against Deakins and Ted. Mary meets with James Mallaby and Dick Royden, two bigwigs with CSIS, about her career advancement to CSIS and Deakins' job. Royden wants deeper intelligence regarding the US spy system in Canada. He later confides to Mallaby that he doesn't feel Mary is the appropriate candidate for Deakins' job.

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