ensions mount at the club between Tina and Sweet as Sweet doesn't like Tina's territorial attitude with clients, especially since she is the new girl in the club. However, Jimmy backs Tina as he wants her to uncover information on one of those clients, Jimmy's banker, John Hogarty. Ted meets with Williams of the DEA and agrees to hand over his files on Jimmy in exchange for meeting Williams' undercover operator on the sting on Jimmy. Mary finds out that the attempted hit on Jimmy was by the Vietnamese, who they blame Jimmy for stealing business. Jimmy initially doesn't believe Mary when she tells him as he has had good relations thus far with the Vietnamese, but later figures it is Phan's former supplier who ordered the hit. Phan, in turn, promises Jimmy that he will deal with the situation if that is indeed the case. Instead of cash, Bingham offers Jimmy a stock offering in exchange for transferring the gun shipment. Mary, who needs more time to implement a plan against Bingham, asks Jimmy to accept the deal, Mary and OCU who will back up Jimmy's payment if the stock is worthless. Jimmy and Ronnie get an offer to buy the club property for $10 million from developers who want to build a $300 million block long development. Ronnie in particular adamantly declines the offer. Mary and Ted's surveillance team apprehend Lee. Mary offers Lee a deal - he work undercover against the Red Eagles and he doesn't go to jail. He agrees. Stella is feeling trapped at home with Francine, and Maxine suggests to Jimmy that he bury the hatchet with Francine to make Stella's home life better. Jimmy does so, but Francine doesn't realize it is solely for Stella's benefit. This cease fire between Jimmy an Francine is short lived as Stella runs away from home and shows up at the club. When Francine calls, Jimmy is able to placate her by offering to have a family breakfast the next morning.

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