uring the traffic detainment, Winston talks the constable into confirming his undercover status solely with Altman, as he tells the constable that Jimmy has a mole in the ranks of the police. Following confirmation, the constables let Winston and Jimmy go. Later, Altman buys off the constable's silence. Although Winston and Williams are somewhat concerned about too many people, namely the constable, knowing what's going on, Altman talks Williams into taking the risk of continuing with their plan as it would take too much effort to set up another sting operation. Ronnie warns Jimmy of Winston, who Ronnie does not trust. Later, Jimmy does take possession of Winston's first delivery. Following the Vietnamese killing of the Disciples' courier who turns out to be Dante's nephew Nick, Jimmy figures that it would be a good idea to place a little distance between himself and the Vietnamese, Phan from which who plans on laying low in Hawaii. As not to attract suspicion onto himself, Jimmy does visit Dante to offer condolences and to restart negotiations on Vancouver business territory. Mike identifies his attacker, who is a known Disciple. Because of and despite Nick's death (Jimmy also learns that the gun Nick had in his possession was the one used to kill Colin, Jimmy's Vancouver Island supplier), Jimmy doesn't want anyone orchestrating a revenge hit on Mike's attacker. However later, Mike spots his attacker in a club, and Tremblay ends the matter with the attacker. Jimmy, acting partly in response to Francine talking to her lawyer, shuts her out of family relations by sleeping with another woman. In response, Francine turns to Ronnie, who she begs to be her ally to regain her position in the family. Hogarty and Coombs convince Jimmy that owning an offshore bank is the best and safest way to hold his money. Although Sweet agrees to front the stash house, the deal falls through as one of the neighbours in the building is the head of the commercial crime squad, which scares Ronnie off. Although Deakins is forced to resign, Mary convinces him to stay on to inform on Royden, who she believes is her biggest problem in CSIS. She also recruits Altman, by dangling the OCU directorship in front of his nose, to work against Royden. Mary finally gets in contact with Tina, who tells Mary what little she has learned about Jimmy's business. Mary is unhappy with Tina's lack of information, Mary threatening Tina with deportation if she doesn't deliver. Forrest and Flannegan continue their surveillance of Falcone and the DEA and manage to install a secret camera aboard Falcone's boat. Although Mary wants to be briefed on the goings-on of Falcone before either Flannegan or Forrest do anything, Flannegan is more interested in the $1 million if he sends Falcone back to Mexico. Mary learns that Falcone's main business is a drugs for guns racket, which is confirmed when Bingham meets with Falcone and the DEA.

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