he turf war is elevating as one of Phan's men is found dead. Everybody suspects it is the Americans - fronted by Jordan and Raymond - who want to stir up the trade in Vancouver. Mary wants Jimmy to take quick action to calm things. He gets together with Phan and Dante to discuss strategy. Jimmy convinces them that retaliation is not the preferred action. Jimmy decides to bring the Americans, specifically one of their head men in the actual drug trade, Pete, in for a frank discussion. Altman learns from MI5 that Jordan specifically has done similar work before in Britain with seeming connections to the American military. Lorna is unnerved by Francine's visit, Francine who later tells Jimmy that she will not allow all she's worked for go to whoever Jimmy's latest bed partner. Julianna seems to relish her role as Mary's inside person with Blackmire and she provides valuable information regarding the company and Browne. However she is becoming reckless in her approach, which frightens both Mary and Kiniski. Browne wants to buy her contract from Katarina, marry her and provide her with a new identity. The CIA discovers the existence of Julianna in Browne's life and asks Mary to arrange for Julianna to become an informant for the CIA. Not telling the CIA that Julianna is already their informant, Mary decides to stage the recruiting of Julianna, telling her to say that she will do it but report only to Mary and CSIS. In doing so, Mary can control what information goes to the CIA. Julianna's willingness to do the job takes a 180 degree turn after Browne beats her up following an argument. Mary and Katarina need to talk her into continuing her mission despite her fragile state of mind. Jimmy learns more about Blackmire's banking through Evans. On the business side, Ronnie is worried that the bank may become a problem if they deal with a nefarious group such as Blackmire. Jimmy decides to send Coombs to the Bahamas to to oversee his interests in the bank.

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