nder surveillance, Browne admits to Julianna that Blackmire is a front for the CIA. Kiniski convinces Mary that it best to keep this information under wraps for the time being, but they decide to bring in Julianna for her safety. Julianna has other ideas as she tries to run when Mary's team attempts to bring her in. After they manage to bring her in, Julianna admits she just needed some down time alone without having to lie to anyone. After Mary determines that Julianna can continue with her job, they proceed with Katarina selling Julianna's contract to Browne. Mary does decide to tell Cleary about what she knows about Blackmire including involvement by individuals within the government, but does not divulge Julianna's identity. Altman learns of Desjardins' connection to Jimmy and turns Desjardins into working for the OCU against Jimmy. Jimmy brings in other big weed dealers in Vancouver to strategize on how to deal with the Americans. To show some muscle, they decide to freeze out the Americans. When Jimmy learns that the Americans are definitely connected to Jordan and the DEA, Jimmy escalates the conflict to an all out war. On personal fronts, Jimmy and Francine argue about Stella's schooling situation. And Ronnie drops an informational bombshell on Sweet.

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