ased on Mary's information regarding Blackmire, the Prime Minister's Office shows interest in the case, but Cleary wants to meet with Mary's informant - Julianna - to verify her credibility. Although Mary and Kiniski are wary about setting up such a meeting, they do so regardless, but do not make it face to face, and coach Julianna not to divulge the entire truth, especially her relationship with Browne. Following this meeting, Julianna can tell that Browne knows something and she needs to quickly get away. Mary realizes that she talked to the wrong people or person. Ronnie's cousin, Freddy - Jimmy's distributor in the east - is in Vancouver meeting with Dante and Phan about them taking over Jimmy's weed business. Because Jimmy has frozen out the Americans on the weed trade, the Americans have moved onto pushing high quality and cheap coke. The alliance of weed dealers decide to continue with this approach, thinking that it will either send the Americans packing or push the problem of their existence onto the local coke dealers. Jordan does not back down but rather brings reinforcements for some major action. Jordan does strike back, killing several men working within Jimmy's alliance. The alliance goes into lock-down mode - with the exception of Ronnie, who has to support Sweet in some issue with her pregnancy - while Jimmy tries to work things out with the Americans. He does come to an agreement with Pete. And although the OCU does manage to pick up Jordan, this does not stop a hit on one of the Vancouver weed kingpins.

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