immy, hiding out in the Chick-a-dee's basement, continues his sexual dalliance with Lorna, which started at his summer house. Both Ronnie and Bob are concerned about Jimmy's safety because of it. Indeed, Lorna does whatever she can to be with Jimmy, even if it compromises his safety. Ronnie suspects the OCU may have bugged the club during the raid, and does indeed find the place wired and uses it to his advantage. Tensions escalate between the Disciples and Mike, who arms himself with a small arsenal. Major violence is about to erupt between the two when the OCU unwittingly stops it by raiding The 25, Mike's club. Francine continues her rantings against Ronnie, who she claims is stopping her from seeing Jimmy. She needs familial support at this time as Stella has been kicked out of school because of Jimmy. And amidst the turmoil, Sweet announces to Ronnie that she's pregnant, Ronnie's happiness at the news which relieves Sweet. Meanwhile, Kiniski gets the ballistic report back from the gun supplied by Jimmy; he discovers that the gun's firing mechanism was disabled and had not been fired in the time frame of the shootings in Seattle. Behind Weathers' back, Kiniski manages to interview Morgan who tells him the truth behind the gun. Although he is not made privy to all the information, Altman does warn Williams that the DEA story will not hold water for much longer. Williams threatens Altman that he too will go down if the truth comes out and tries to persuade him that taking out Jimmy is the only solution. But one piece of welcome information that Altman receives is that Mary is recommending him as head of the OCU. Unfortunately for the OCU, Morgan passes away before Coombs can get an official statement from him. But Kiniski and Coombs manage to trace Jimmy's gun back to the DEA. Rather than face the music, Williams decides to commit suicide. Knowing they no longer have a case against him, the FBI drop the murder charges against Jimmy, who comes out of hiding.

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