ne of Katarina's girls, Julianna Vejzna - a Romanian national - is being extorted by an Immigration official, Robert Bergen. Mary tries to use this situation to her advantage by exposing Bergen and using him as part of her intelligence network. In catching Bergen in this extortion, Kiniski places an audio and video surveillance in Julianna's apartment. However, getting Bergen to cough up useful information is difficult for Julianna to achieve. Mary is asked by the Defense Department to intervene in an exposé on faulty military vehicles being written by journalist Martha Kopps, who happens to be an old school colleague of Mary's. Martha refuses to compromise her story, she stating the Defense Department is aware of the problem and is doing nothing to resolve it. Despite help from Mary, the Defense Department does get to Martha's publisher stating that the story needs to be quashed for national security purposes. This places a strain on Mary and Martha's friendship. Altman is also facing strain, which he admits to his therapist manifests itself in thoughts of suicide. The strain also physically manifests itself in acting on his homosexual thoughts. It's back to business for Jimmy, who is looking for a new distributor in the US. Michael approaches Winston for this role, although Jimmy, Ronnie and Bob are all suspicious of Winston, who is still clandestinely in contact with Altman for funding this work. Based on some suspicious past history they uncover about Winston, they decide to watch him. When they see Altman's surveillance team at their meeting, Michael and Bob end up taking Winston out. Jimmy is also trying to finalize the offshore banking deal, after which he decides to give up the ATM business to Dante. Despite a still drugged out Hogarty who needs to front the deal, Jimmy and his crew have a smooth first meeting with the bankers. However when Jimmy faces possible extradition for drug charges in the US, the bankers become concerned about the deal and back out. But as hard as the bankers push Jimmy, Jimmy successfully pushes back harder and gets the deal done. On the personal front, Jimmy offers a persistent Lorna a job at the Chick-a-dee, as he recognizes that she was an integral part in his rise from hiding, but he is still concerned about her infatuation with him, especially with Francine back in his life. And Francine and Jimmy look for a new school for Stella.

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