he OCU has Dante's place under surveillance. Danny manages to obtain Dante's security code, which the OCU uses to break into his place to photocopy all his secret files. Desjardins learns directly from the DEA that they are collecting intelligence on Jimmy, implying that they are planning on nabbing him regardless of if the Canadian government orders his extradition to the US. They also learn through Mary that the Attorney General is also after Jimmy. Although Mary offers some protection specifically from the Attorney General, Jimmy still feels he needs to protect himself and moves Francine and Stella into Ronnie's apartment at the club. Based on a suggestion from Evans, Jimmy and Ronnie buy out Hogarty as lead for the Bahamas bank, a deal too good for Hogarty to pass up. Mary is asked by national security to monitor the Blackmire Group regarding corporate tax evasion. The Blackmire Group is an association of resource companies in Canada and the US that move their monies as to avoid paying taxes. Beyond regular electronic surveillance, Mary includes Julianna acting as an escort at the Backmire's meeting in Vancouver. Mary learns that Blackmire's chair, George Browne, is an ex-CIA assistant director and that the group's ultimate goal is to have a unified Canada/US, primarily to secure precious water rights. Making it look like a simple robbery, Francine steals Lorna's house key and breaks into her apartment; a distraught Francine discovers evidence of Jimmy and Lorna's affair.

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