immy is facing increasing pressure on all sides. He does end up selling many of his illegal businesses to Dante, placing all his eggs into the one basket called the Irish National Bank Bahamas Branch. Jimmy figures that if he needs to leave the country, all the other players in town will be gunning for such business anyway putting Ronnie in the middle, hence the reason for going more legitimate with the bank. The DEA is closing in on Jimmy, and Mary is unable to guarantee safety for him as the Attorney General, who is proceeding on extradition charges, is not answering her calls. Jimmy, who originally was thinking about a quick departure out of the country if either the DEA or the Attorney General were going to force him out, changes his mind and decides that no one is going to push him out of his homeland. However Mary manages to strike an eleventh hour deal with the Attorney General based on new information, namely that Evans is meeting with the Blackmire Group to arrange for money laundering services through Jimmy's bank. The deal Mary negotiates is that Jimmy will become a registered informant - which means that his identity will still remain confidential but he may be required to testify in the future - if he agrees to report all money movements of the Blackmire Group through the bank. Otherwise, Jimmy will face extradition. However Mary can't get through to Jimmy since a pissed-off Jimmy is not taking her calls. Mary decides the only way to get to Jimmy is to arrest him. The timing of the arrest coincides with the DEA ready to nab Jimmy. Desjardins learns however that the people purporting to be DEA are just bounty hunters who are trying to get Jimmy across the border for the DEA. Regardless, Mary and the police get to Jimmy first. Although not totally happy with the Attorney General's deal, Jimmy agrees. Thus the bounty hunters are left empty handed. Meanwhile, Julianna successfully infiltrates the Blackmire Group, and requires legitimate papers, including a Canadian passport, to continue with her ruse at Blackmire. Although Mary and Kiniski think that Julianna will run if given a passport, they also figure that her relationship with Browne at Blackmire is short term and that she will ultimately need her connections with CSIS again; therefore, Mary decides to issue her requested passport. And Hogarty comes back to talk to Jimmy about what he sees now as an unfair deal.

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