he bounty hunters are still trying to nab Jimmy to take him to the US. They aren't actually bounty hunters as there is no longer any bounty on Jimmy's head. All Desjardins can find out is that they are working on a private contract. This coincides with rumors among the underworld and among the police/CSIS that Americans are moving in on the local drug trade. To stabilize the trade, Mary and Altman try and maneuver it so that Jimmy will sell his drug trade to both the Disciples and the Vietnamese, 50/50, which will be no easy task seeing as to the bad blood between the two. Based on surveillance however, Jimmy finds out that the "bounty hunters" aren't part of the American drug trade, but are somehow connected to the DEA, the nature of the connection he is yet unsure. Julianna gets deeper in with George Browne at Blackmire, almost as a renegade as she tells little to Mary before taking any action. She is trying to get the best deal for herself, playing Mary off Katarina. Mary and Kiniski decide they need to exert more control over Julianna, and Mary ultimately decides the best way is to have her on staff. With Blackmire, the FBI has been sharing intel with the CIA who asks Mary to cease her investigation since they are conducting one of their own, the nature of which they refuse to divulge to Mary. This information, although irksome to her, concerns Mary specifically for Julianna's safety. The deal between Blackmire and Jimmy's bank proceeds, this without Hogarty who has been permanently removed. Francine confronts Jimmy about Lorna, Francine's actions reflecting the depression she feels about the situation. Bob tells a dejected Lorna what's going on, Lorna who needs to leave for good.

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