uncan, one of Dante's men, is executed in a drive-by shooting. All indications point to the killers being the Americans who want to infiltrate the drug trade in Vancouver. Because of this killing and the possible instability in the drug trade otherwise, Mary urges Jimmy to broker the deal to sell his drug trade quickly to Dante and Phan, which will be no easy task seeing as to the bad blood between the two buyers. Jimmy manages to manipulate both buyers to accepting a deal. Francine walks out on Jimmy for good, taking Stella with her. She decides to enroll Stella at a boarding school under an assumed name. Because Francine has left Jimmy, Lorna reignites her relationship with Jimmy. But Francine doesn't go as far away as she says. Mary is receiving mounting pressure from Mallaby and the CIA to desist in her investigation of Blackmire. Although she tells both they she will desist, she continues the investigation due to the big payoff of information of Blackmire's money laundering through Jimmy. Jimmy is initially wary of working with the CIA but agrees if Mary can guarantee immunity from all prosecution for the rest of his life. Mary and Kiniski are also concerned about Julianna's safety from a security conscious Browne, who has fallen head over heels for Julianna. Unlike their knowledge of Jimmy, Mary and her gang are uncertain if Julianna is up for a long term game with Blackmire and if they do include her, they will need to build a tighter back story for her life.

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