evin O'Neil is arrested on live TV after his rich wife Caitlin O'Neil (34) was found, skull crushed, in their villa pool. From the moment D.A. Stormer hears Kevin engaged Ron Trot's top L.A. law firm, he revokes all promises to the prime suspect and starts to pull his own can of dirty tricks, especially playing to the press gallery, helped by a TV reporter who shares his aversion from the slick lawyers, who on their part make expert use of every means to win about always. Appearances are used, manipulated, spinned, from before the accusation and bail procedure to every stage of the trial, while carefully using all procedure rules and research of evidence, witnesses, even experts, about motive, means and opportunity, always trying to expose the other side's tricks, each team member being specialized: Ron in strategy and short press spins, Tom pleading with his honest face and coaching the client, etcetera...

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