he D.A.'s office is after billionaire Pakistani-U.S. arms dealer Amir Khan, who supplied local gangs, since six months but FBI agent Cade Berlinger will arrest him for the international trade with terrorists if they don't catch him in 24 hours, so frightened informant Emilio Perez, Khan's handyman who wanted out of his deal for theft, is forced in court to respect his probation terms, but is late for the hasty nightly sale setup and missing- Khan just send an innocent student as a diversion. Perez' wife Elena admits their daughter Flora was kidnapped. When Emilio is arrested, he claims LAPD detective Ray Harkin is the corrupt traitor and gives the address, so a SWAT team is send and finds both explosives production and Ray's corps- wired with a time-delayed bomb, then Emilio says Ray's partner Willy Tarver is the kidnapper in Khan's service. After wiring links a C4-deal with extreme racist Jake Foreman, Tarver asked a D.A.'s man to talk to the bomb squad, so he took Casey hostage too...

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