couple is found shot dead in the Malibu beach-house of P.I. Harry Russo, who often worked for Shark but has a dodgy reputation with the police- arresting him would assure D.A. Jessica Devlin's reelection. Waitress Tracy Powers, wife of roof-contractor Wayne Powers, died just after making a desperate cellphone call to the police. Tracy's colleague at the Cypress hotel, Lisa Gable, tells Casey her abusive husband tried to force her into porn. Russo swears to Shark he knows nothing, telling under pressure the house was rented out to film producer Taylor Garrett, who claims to have 'lost' a $6,000 gun of the murder's caliber .45 and is arrested on his yacht; since that is legally his home and there was no search-warrant, all evidence found there is thrown out. While they both attend her campaign dinner, Devlin asks indignant Casey to spy on Stark in the 'Russo case'. Shark's team goes to trial against Garret, with Russo in a multiple star role...

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