he Latino Mayor Manuel 'Manny' Delgado orders Shark's team to handle the criminal negligence charge after an electric wiring failure caused a fire that made four fatal female Latino sweetshop victims. Shark orders Latino Martin Allende to handle it alone, being the one who leaked to journalist Laura Montez in intimate context and personally motivated. Accused is Benny Hong, who runs three such shops. When an inspector confirms a list of building code violations, Shark wants to accept five years rather then face a jury, Martin instead accepts immunity to go after Hong's client, worldwide popular teenage fashion label Pruitt, which hires Elliott Dasher, enough to get Shark personally involved, also because CEO Z Pruitt is personally linked to the Mayor, and clever as ever is soon linked with ordering installing the extra machines which caused the fatal overload. Their e-mail proof is thrown out, so the charge is changed to modern slavery, a precedent under a 1943 law written for US-Japanese internment, but the Reyes workers family, needed as surviving witnesses, are scared to disappear... Meanwhile Sebastian promises daughter Julie to stop the review board punishing her for plagiarism after she 'researched' a paper on the Internet, immorally in her own opinion.

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