hrough a scripting error, Matt discovers that writers Ricky & Ron are taking Peripheral-Vision Man, their tepid S-60 character, to a series on another network. Due to last week's deal with China, Amanda needs budget cuts; losing staff helps. She also suggests product placements; the bonus laughs in this show are the plethora of product placements appearing in the episode, incidental to the discussion of product placement. Harriet considers posing for a lingerie spread, trying to improve her image with the mainstream. Tom and Simon follow her around the set, trying to talk her out of it. How many feet can three people swallow in 44 minutes? Is it more than number of gratuitous product placements? Late in the episode, a minute of quality time with Matt helps her decide. This episode also introduces the phrase "Pray for peace in the Midwest", attributed to guest-host Jessica Simpson filling the 37-second script gap.

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