ophia Reyes rules Daniel Meade's heart masterly, soon getting him to propose to her and is even accepted as bride by his parents, who like her. Meanwhile as Betty's new boss, Sophia orders her to replace a suddenly prohibited lead article in her new feminist magazine by one on the social experiences of her, common ugly bird, working in Daniel's fancy fashion magazine, so she goes back there interviewing everybody. Betty finds out that Sophia not only enjoyed the services of hunky exotic dancer and much more Hunter 9 herself regularly but actually hired him on a jealousy-mission, and deduces she seduced Daniel with a mean purpose, but is too late to tell him before Sophia announces on national TV she only wanted to prove the validity of her book's 60 days plan to hook up any man, and turns his proposal down, which totally destroys his spirit... Meanhile Texan lover Ted LeBeau renders Wilhelmina romantic enough to turn a cold shoulder to her shady boss, until his wife wants him back as father of their children. Betty's dad Ignacio finds he can't get out of the demands of mean black Immigration official Constance Grady, who will get him deported even after 30 years of total integration unless he satisfies her...

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