ofia Reyes spreads herself in Daniel's office to prove her power. But, instead of paying attention to him Sofia is interested in Betty's opinions and ideas. Fearing that his assistant is not challenged enough by her job, Daniel sends Betty off to write a review about a hotel where she is supposed to stay at over the weekend. Actually, Betty has planned to spend the weekend with Walter in Atlantic City, but now has to cancel this trip. When, Walter pays her a surprise visit at the hotel, Betty is at first very relieved to see him. But, when Betty continues her review observations of the hotel, Walter is not very helpful. Meanwhile, at MODE, Daniel, who is still interested in Sofia, continues to try to get her attention, but Sofia seems to be very resistant to his charms. And, Wilhelmina has a meeting with an important client, but has to dress up for this meeting in very unusual clothes for her and as it turns out she has to do much more to please him.. At home, Hilda still tries to get the money together the family needs for a lawyer. Being very desperate, she asks Santos, who gives her the money, but in exchange wants to see his and Hilda's son Justin.

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