n expert edits fragments from the senator's TV speech to manufacture a fake declaration. Sara talks in her cell to a fellow prisoner and gets the fake message: Jeffrey calls her disappearance the best thing that happened to his campaign; she reminisces how he proposed to her. Agent Michael Tyner arranges for Lucas and Mei an interview in Atlanta with theologian on death-row Aaron Hensleigh but he only refers to the Flood, the Tower of Babel and Sodom&Gomorrah. A surveillance camera saw the driver of a van which escaped from the warehouse shot dead; in it Lucas finds a well-hidden Roman cypher wheel, designed for a specific coded text, but in Qumran-Hebrew, like the Dead Sea scrolls. After seeing her baby ultrasound with Ben, Marcy repeats her blackmail to Wallace, who calls her bluff as the senator's career could also sink; she promises Judy spicy live talk on TV. Two fake repairmen steel the wheel from the FBI evidence room, but are both killed in a shoot-out; they had photos of Sara and Aaron's wife Deborah Hensleigh in a car model released two years after her alleged slaughtering. Sara's cell neighbor claims to be Deborah. Kidnapping Deborah only makes sense as leverage on Aaron, to decipher Ezechiel, if his execution is postponed, which can follow from the Brocket case which Wallace Rainer could decide if nominated; even this news doesn't make Aaron talk to Lucas, just beg to find and protect Deborah. Marcy has a miscarriage and demands blood tests for foul play. Rainer is finally nominated but still denies to Jeffrey to have Sara.

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