he Nathan card sender calls Lucas, who wonders how he got his number, claiming Sara won't be returned and wants to meet Lucas in St.Ignatius; he demands access to the wheel for the vague tip that Sara is held underground in the vast wilderness reserve. Sara gets a recording Max doesn't want her to return ever, but his own mother. In hospital, Jeffrey thanks Ben for supporting Marcy, whose doctor confirms she may have been injected too much of the hormone progesteron to cause the miscarriage; now she tells Ben the baby could be the fruit of rape by Rainer 'but is not'. Jeffrey's chief of staff JT tells him Jessica accepted $20,000 to disappear, he tells Marcy. Helicopters found seven underground heat sources; Lucas' SWAT team survives and eliminates a sniper and after springing the concrete access three guards inside, Sara escapes trough another hatch but FBI hounds track her. Jeffrey asks supreme court justice Mulrey to counter Wallace's presumed no-vote, knowing she must now abstain, probably with the same result. Lucas believes the hounds were sidetracked by deer hunters' kill, actually Sara hid with it and reaches a road block, identifying herself. The Nathan card informer admits he wants to destroy the wheel to keep the message hidden.

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