ucas tells Senator Jeffrey Collins, who was considering relinquishing his seat, in Jessica's presence, about Sara's call and his father Eugene's possible involvement; privately Eugene tells Jeffrey he did it to protect his political career, a crazy relative may not become known to the press. Max gets his sister Marcia to tell him about Wallace raping her. Ben buys a gun. Blood on the phone booth and a car thief description get the FBI on Sara's trail; Lucas gets the car owner Gabe to talk to him and then keep silent. Peter calls Judy urgently about Becka, her boss is not interested without proved link to Sara. Sara was hiding in Warm Springs with a mother and young daughter Violet, her man Pike's arrival scares Sara to ride again- Supervisor Michael Tyner tips off the pursuers; he's in the same masonic lodge as Eugene Collins. Max tries to trace Ben via his credit card company- he's in Washington, D.C., as she fears going after Justice Rainer, indeed later kills him at his home. Sara dumped her car with an excuse on a man who is stopped by Lucas: lost trail; she bought a ticket for Orlando, Florida, where her parents live.

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